Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new year!!

Happy New Year to all you folks.. lets welcome the "Age of Sridhar". I think if I market the phrase enough, people might actually start referring to 2008 as "Age of Sridhar" (Something like Conan O'Brian's JabJab) .. Leaving the weird, obscure humor aside.. Happy new year..

Last year was full of twists and turmoils.. I completed my MS, got a job, moved to CA, skydived (in that order) and took my photography to the next level(which is still very amateurish ). Hopefully this year will be more exciting and dynamic.

Here's my New Year's card to you all.. (esp since social networking websites disabled mass messaging).

Happy New Year!!

PS: This was clicked by me and edited using GIMP. FOSS ftw...