Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well am on a writing spree.....
Read Readers Digest and saw the article on provigil ( sold as modalert in India... components: modafinil) ... It is given for sleeplessness... I mean person wont feel sleepy after that.

According to RD, the wonder drug has been used by students, professionals and others to acheive extra ordinary level of efficiency.

If any one reads somethin new abt it or knows where to find that drug in Bangalore do tell me...( although i know i dont have audience :))

And ya its not a steroid... so chill .. dont flame me... just want to try it out ... just live in god mode for a few days....( Sridhar Almighty ;)

Melancholy of Monotony...

I have been at my home for over 4 days now... Well project is over, documentation is being done by Ravi and Shilpa ( god bless them)... but am really missing my company's environment.

Although my Visa processing for MS, tit bit studies and cue club tournaments with my roomies consume most of my time, my mind still craves for that excitement. I got a hang of reading/writing blog/rss feeds when i was there in the company... I was overwhelmed by the amount of info i used to get and the amount of visibility i got on the net...

Now since i have no broadband at my place ( my roomies are not net savvy .... E&C guys :( ...)
i frequent my friend's place who has it.

Well i guess i've to pucker up and get back to my peek and puke studies for the VTU ....
This time i really have a goal set. My avg for the first 4 sems was 84% but for the next 3 sems it was arnd 76%... mostly cuz i payed less attn on theories and was always busy tweaking and making my semester projects better than anybody regrets. Now my avg is 79.67% ... i really want an avg percentage of 80% .... Am keepin my fingers crossed.

Pray for me :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Project Over...Waah... :-(

Finally we gave the presentation for our project in the company. Well it was quite cool, our pm, internal guide, R&D Head, System architects and some cool guys from R&D ( that includes Rohit) attended the presentation.... It went on properly... we all were quite happy at the end ( i mean because we were lauded for our effort ) ... but an unfathomable gloom descended on me... i dont want to leave this place.


Well once you come to industry ( that too a supercool one making profits @1266 %) and think of going back to academia... u have to be hercules to stop a overwhelming temptation to wail... or shout loudly. Its creepy when u do it actually. 3 weeks back i was writing JDBC wrappers for postgresql and now i go back to the college just to learn how to write a sql query!! That's outrageous.

I mean people might think i have an attitude problem or something but come on guys ... i am not up for any shit. Imagine yourself in my position ... its really a painful waste of time... The time i could have spent blogging, writing some cool code, hacking some stuff or if i'm bored write some MBeans :)
If people think i have attitude... to hell with it... i dont care

I had read somewhere that "Learn to like things that need to be done".... I guess i have to work a lot to like that thing .... to top it all i'm going for MS.... so my tie up with the academia will be for atleast two more years.... I just hope that education in US wont be as dull as in India. Ya... I know ...grass is always greener on the other side... but hope is the only thing that keeps a man going.

Life here was fun ... and guys who dont know me... my idea of fun is sitting infront of a computer.. fully loaded... a high speed net connection... and a steep learning curve... I tend to get bored if any of these conditions are not met. This place was like a heaven... i came here on saturdays and sundays too ( no i am not suffering from hyperactivity syndrome.... just that i love working on the comp).

All good things do come to an end... Hope future holds something for me

Thursday, May 12, 2005

When the going gets weird.. the weird turns pro

Well Java is not as bad as i had imagined. Its a bliss for lazy programmers.I mean i can use different datatypes, objects within an array, linked list etc.... that makes it really cool.
But then u dont use java to write programs that cud be easily written by C/C++. Java efficiently hides all the trivialities of a programming language leaving one free to implement the business logic. For those of u who thought that coding is the hardest part of development cycle are sadly mistaken. I realized today when i had trouble making the control flow through the logic. Java never stopped me from doing anything. Pointers may not be there.. but i dont see any place where u need them. Some places where i desperately felt the need of pointers, there was always a substitute...a workaround... sometimes more efficient.

C/C++ is still my favourite...may because the programs i coded did not have a complex business logic ( although they had a complex logic... a bit more on the system side).

I am really feeling like a java pro... though all those settings really kill me ... Programming a program meant to be programmed in java, in java is really like solving a jigsaw puzzle. U really burn out the brains doing it... i dont think that one need to be a software proffessional to use it as long as he has the understanding of the system.

Enough back to my programming now

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Java Woes...

Well I've been working on java... its not that i hate that language but i do prefer C/C++ over it. What i dislike about java is there are more settings to do than program (dude... am not telling abt hello world programs... but abt the ones we write in a production environment).

I am a bit corky when it comes to name variables and files ( my pm is always upset over it). I read a lot so named my files whose working have resemblance with something i have read.. be it history, biology or any thing existing under the sun. Today my pm told me to rename all the files and make the directory structure proper so that code can be reused even after i leave the firm after two months. Thus began the series of unfortunate events.

I changed everything ... from the names of the files to the directories having them ( changing variable names wud have been a overkill... touchwood my pm didn't ask me to change that). Then came the fun part. The directory structure was severely mutilated, the package structure ruptured and the "ant" file rendered useless. I lost it big time....

He heh... I got conked.. didn't even try repairing the damage done... Simply called my pm to fix it. GOD BLESS MY PM. I seriously hope every pm should be like her. she kindda fixed it, though some errors still remain... i'll be calling her tommorrow to fix it up again. Dont get me wrong... any intervention from my side will only convert the problem from a disaster to a catastrophe.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Night Out :-)

It so happened that we had a presentation yesterday (i.e few hours back) . We had to give demo to an American client at around 11 pm... although my presence was not strictly required, i simply pitched in cuz i was curious abt it..i.e. a web conference in a more formal setting. Me and shyam came for this presentation along with jyothi ma'am and girish sir. By the time we finished was to late to go back, so me and shyam decided to do a night out at A2 office...

It's really cool to stay alone at night at this place. Lets see when do i feel asleep. well shyam has a record of working for 22 hrs straight in the office. I came in 8.50 morning today... lets see whether i'll be able to break his record or not.

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