Sunday, May 22, 2005


Well am on a writing spree.....
Read Readers Digest and saw the article on provigil ( sold as modalert in India... components: modafinil) ... It is given for sleeplessness... I mean person wont feel sleepy after that.

According to RD, the wonder drug has been used by students, professionals and others to acheive extra ordinary level of efficiency.

If any one reads somethin new abt it or knows where to find that drug in Bangalore do tell me...( although i know i dont have audience :))

And ya its not a steroid... so chill .. dont flame me... just want to try it out ... just live in god mode for a few days....( Sridhar Almighty ;)


  1. God mode ??? lol !! try it n die sri !
    lol u shuld have had it during college , would have got a day off...

  2. thanks for the shared this informative and interesting information with us. I really enjoyed your article and waiting for new..