Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Project Over...Waah... :-(

Finally we gave the presentation for our project in the company. Well it was quite cool, our pm, internal guide, R&D Head, System architects and some cool guys from R&D ( that includes Rohit) attended the presentation.... It went on properly... we all were quite happy at the end ( i mean because we were lauded for our effort ) ... but an unfathomable gloom descended on me... i dont want to leave this place.


Well once you come to industry ( that too a supercool one making profits @1266 %) and think of going back to academia... u have to be hercules to stop a overwhelming temptation to wail... or shout loudly. Its creepy when u do it actually. 3 weeks back i was writing JDBC wrappers for postgresql and now i go back to the college just to learn how to write a sql query!! That's outrageous.

I mean people might think i have an attitude problem or something but come on guys ... i am not up for any shit. Imagine yourself in my position ... its really a painful waste of time... The time i could have spent blogging, writing some cool code, hacking some stuff or if i'm bored write some MBeans :)
If people think i have attitude... to hell with it... i dont care

I had read somewhere that "Learn to like things that need to be done".... I guess i have to work a lot to like that thing .... to top it all i'm going for MS.... so my tie up with the academia will be for atleast two more years.... I just hope that education in US wont be as dull as in India. Ya... I know ...grass is always greener on the other side... but hope is the only thing that keeps a man going.

Life here was fun ... and guys who dont know me... my idea of fun is sitting infront of a computer.. fully loaded... a high speed net connection... and a steep learning curve... I tend to get bored if any of these conditions are not met. This place was like a heaven... i came here on saturdays and sundays too ( no i am not suffering from hyperactivity syndrome.... just that i love working on the comp).

All good things do come to an end... Hope future holds something for me

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  1. Ya, It was cool effort by you guys...hey btw can you send me a synopsis kind a thing. I thought I will write an article on what kinda projects do trainees get to do in Aztec...Kind of a promotion....and I want the root password for you machine :)