Monday, May 02, 2005

Night Out :-)

It so happened that we had a presentation yesterday (i.e few hours back) . We had to give demo to an American client at around 11 pm... although my presence was not strictly required, i simply pitched in cuz i was curious abt it..i.e. a web conference in a more formal setting. Me and shyam came for this presentation along with jyothi ma'am and girish sir. By the time we finished was to late to go back, so me and shyam decided to do a night out at A2 office...

It's really cool to stay alone at night at this place. Lets see when do i feel asleep. well shyam has a record of working for 22 hrs straight in the office. I came in 8.50 morning today... lets see whether i'll be able to break his record or not.

1 comment:

  1. well slept at 3.00 am .... got up at 5.30 .. i guess will be pushing out by half an hour....
    Man my eyes are burning. I wonder how bluesmoon worked for 60 hrs non stop :-?