Sunday, February 27, 2005

Google Code Jam..... jammed!!! damned!!!

shit man... how do u feel when u see Rs 3 lac slip outta ur hands.

I enrolled for code jam thing and took the practice ... man it looked like a real piece of cake ... although i just saw the problem( well.. didn't care to work it out there). since i'm more comfy with c++ so i chose c++ as the lang (though .. i did try it in java initially but kinndda not thorough with the libraries).

I took the 400 point problem and there was a question on vector. whole funda was to perform some easy computation and return the output in a crapy format. i thought k.. this is easy will come tomorrow and solve for the real moolah( i.e. today... )

but lookwat happened... i thought the competition closes at 9 pm so went to write the exam on 6 pm.... and guess wat the site is jammed man( Murphy's law: if a thing can go wrong it will go go wrong)....

Guess am destined for the greater good. :-(

added later

Man i really suck!!
managed to connect to code jam applet.... i now realize i shudn't
I really suck ... i thought i was a great programmer since i am programming since more than half of my life(am 22 now)... but after taking this contest i realized that i really suck as a global programmer..( i guess i didn't work for it cuz the progs were silly simple)
I cud only submit the 200 point program and scored a meager now I WILL PROGRAM HARDER AND BETTER.....

Friday, February 25, 2005

hey am not that wierd after all...

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

Reinstallation spree.....

Ok so my computer crashed...dont ask how...

I have a meager 13 GB harddisk where i work and i did complete installation oc FC2(i have 512 MB no pig speed)

Yesterday i hit bottom..reached the maximum limit...the X Server failed ...nothing was documented about this and if it is i did not RTFM.

Dejected, and frustated i copied all my data into a collegues PC and tried installing ubuntu.
installation was fast and cool...i thought i had attained panacea.
I fired it and guess what it was a supercool superfast desktop... WITHOUT any programming tool... not even gcc.

Finally i formatted the whole syaytem again and am reloading FC2 with limited functionalities.
I hope i finally do some productive work today.

Monday, February 21, 2005


Hey ....
saw aviator yesterday... leo has acted marvellously in that.
he has become my new inspiration.... the whole story revolves around chasing ur dreams ... crossing all limits of madness.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Home Alone!!

Well call me workaholic, obsessive or mad.... i'm the only person sitting alone in my company writing this blog on vibrant sunday morning.
It so happened that i thought that this might be better than watching some sick movie at home. My friends and my flatmates said i was crazy... never listened to them.
Now that i'm alone i'll do something. I'm working on a project called "On Demand Business Scaling" ..(that's the only info i can give u now) and was desperately in search of a supercool algorithm. I took saturday off..but time just flew by and i did nothing. So i thought that my mind might work in a working environment...but man this place is haunting me....

I guess i'll leave in the afternoon after lunch. Till then i think i'll install my gmail drive on my linux box....