Wednesday, June 29, 2005

HashMap maladies...

been working with hashmaps for quite a long time now... but one thing escapes me...Consider the following snippet to display the contemts of a HashMap in a sequential manner.
 //temp2 is a hashmap
Set set2=temp2.entrySet();
Iterator iHash2=set2.iterator();

Map.Entry me2= (Map.Entry);
well if u understand the code ...( i dont see any issues here) on
I printed the order in which the elements were entered in the HashMap and later printed the hashMap using the above algorithm... both are different.... Any idea why??

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I M a Monkey Coder

Yup i m a monkey coder..... i have to admit it much to my disgust.

My PM told me to do the designing before the coding, my teachers/proffesors told me exactly the same thing. But no... i was too happy with my coding skills. Damn success is really a lousy teacher... history is a good one. From today onwards i swear to design any program i decide to code.

I lost track of all the data structures i have used. Even an elegant language like java looks crappy...
when u see my code, a perl code will look more readable than mine. God save me...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Engineer :)

So finally am an engineer...
Somehow managed to go through the exam.. survived it....
Not that am bad at studies.. it was just that i did not feel like studying this time or write the exam.
I still think i can make it to 80% marks.. but thats too low for 8th sem exam. Now comes the sickest part... leaving the college... the niche u made for yourself and start it all over again...

Best of luck to me