Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guys dont Cry!!!!

Well this is surely a strange post. Normally it is to prove that guys do cry. I dont remember crying for as long as 5 years. I cried yesterday night, it wasn't a loud wail or something( i always want to do that...really makes you feel lighter)... just a silent sob.

I think by now curiousity would surely have got the better half of you, so without wasting any time I'd tell you what happened. Yesterday i was damn tired ... there was some function in the college, Infosys campus connect...whatever it was i was least interested. The HR guy boasted as usual and as usual the non IT guys listened to it as he was teaching some magical spells( i dont know why the SDLC captivates the non IT guys so much).. so I got damn tired by the time i reached home , i slept early at around 9 pm( its afternoon according to my standard).

Got up at 2 am.. all my room mates were sleeping. I saw that one of my room mates, Abhishek, had slept with an open book, Eric Segal's LOVE STORY. Since i was bored and had nothing to do at that point of time i decided to read that book. Finished it within 5 am. But i didn't realize that i had started crying by the time i finished it. Abhishek, heard me sobbing and to my disgust told me to sleep ( i dont know why but i felt kindda disgusted..not much and a bit embarrased)....

I closed the book and went to up at 7:30 am

That's it....

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I hate Websense

Every good thing does come to an end.... so did the internet connection at my office.

Today my NA installed websense net filter.... i dont have access to any news/media/mail site...
Man i surely feel like i have been quarantined. I seriously hope this software crashes.
Meanwhile i will try bypassing this filter(sshhh...dont tell my collegues)

Any help for cracking this thing is welcomed....

Friday, April 08, 2005

post haste!!

Today i was writing a program to monitor a database. Since my scripting skills are still underdeveloped so i took the entire day to get the number of connections(using bash).
End of the day i realised that there existed a sql statement that could have given me the same value.

Moral: Scripting really sucks.....just kidding
I guess i overlooked that thing in order to polish my scripting skills( atleast unconsiously).

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kerala Trip II

This weakend i went to a trip to kerala with my classmates.... we went to Kochi and munnar. We left on friday night and came back on monday morning at 7....

As soon as i came i went to college at abt 9(College is 1.5 hrs away).... i got a call from my friend in aztec that there was an important meeting in the office so rushed back to the office(3.5 hrs) and left the place at 2100 hrs.... then at night i chatted my way to glory till abt 0000 hrs...

I got up in the morning, went to college again for a presentation, rushed back to the office again....
I am now the ghost that walks :(