Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guys dont Cry!!!!

Well this is surely a strange post. Normally it is to prove that guys do cry. I dont remember crying for as long as 5 years. I cried yesterday night, it wasn't a loud wail or something( i always want to do that...really makes you feel lighter)... just a silent sob.

I think by now curiousity would surely have got the better half of you, so without wasting any time I'd tell you what happened. Yesterday i was damn tired ... there was some function in the college, Infosys campus connect...whatever it was i was least interested. The HR guy boasted as usual and as usual the non IT guys listened to it as he was teaching some magical spells( i dont know why the SDLC captivates the non IT guys so much).. so I got damn tired by the time i reached home , i slept early at around 9 pm( its afternoon according to my standard).

Got up at 2 am.. all my room mates were sleeping. I saw that one of my room mates, Abhishek, had slept with an open book, Eric Segal's LOVE STORY. Since i was bored and had nothing to do at that point of time i decided to read that book. Finished it within 5 am. But i didn't realize that i had started crying by the time i finished it. Abhishek, heard me sobbing and to my disgust told me to sleep ( i dont know why but i felt kindda disgusted..not much and a bit embarrased)....

I closed the book and went to up at 7:30 am

That's it....


  1. is that true? that you never cried in last 5 years ... incredible feat i must say

  2. Well blogging doesn't lieing, does it?

  3. well Rajat and anonymous( u r too lazy to make a blogger account) what's so hard to believe in that i never cried in the last 5 years.....

    I meant i never cried aloud...crying within oneself or sobbing doesn't count...i was talking about loud wails