Sunday, December 25, 2005

Levels of Insanity

I feel that I have crossed all levels of insanity... lemme expand upon that.

I have been working 40 hrs this week and was really looking forward to the weekend.... well u know people always say "chill out at weekend"... but the notion of *chilling out* is a bit different to me. Well i spend most of my friday night to monday evening watching movies and tv shows... lemme enumerate:whole of friends 2nd season (25 episodes i guess) + season one's last 5 episodes+ 2 movies....I AM INSANE...
well i cant help if I am a movie freak, i dont have a girl friend, have a great internet connectivity and google has all the new movies in google videos. Being an Indian myself, i can say that Indians have no regards for copyright laws. I too think that it is a bunch of crap. Copyright should me more like LGPL licences, u can use it but not make profit out of it.... in any sense. Well its a touchy issue and have recieved flaks from lots of people against piracy....

bottomline is I still have 70GB of new video in my home plus all the new bollywood movies uploaded on google videos... GOD save me

Friday, December 23, 2005


Well my avatar/photo icon should tell you that I am a dexter fan. Infact I can relate to him. I am not saying that I am really geeky like him... just that i terribly suck at anything except computers.
So something that proves that I am pretty bad at it shakes me up. If u r still wondering what i am upto...well i got my grades...and one of then was crappy. I was hoping for a A+ in OS and so in algos...I got an A in OS and a Big B!!! in algorithms....
I kindda got the highest in OS exam but since I had screwed the midterms (by solving the previous years paper... one of the possible mishaps in an open book exam) so i ended up having the second rank in the class.... Life stinks!! I hate when I lose to someone because of my stupidity (well that's why you lose :( )

Algos was a shock to me. I was expecting 45/45 in the exam and all i got was 18. I dunno what went wrong... but i dont think i should have got less marks (given that the prof din cut marks for my ugly handwriting), Will see if he rechecks it or not...I have my fingers crossed but am not hopeful. Pray for me.

BTW i got a raise .....yupeeee..... atleast something to cheer about.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tech update...

woah ... what a semester and it is finallly over. Actually got over on 16th. I ran back home to cure my bloggy itch which i get if i dont blog :D.
I wrote a long entry...but it got deleted, i got freaked out and decided not to blog...
neway exams went well... actually great.
But there is something i wanna tell u guys abt. I have fallen in love.... with Firefox. yeah who cud have thot that i would fall for a browser... neway as they say browsers are made in heaven...well some in hell. In case u guys are still using IE ar any other send me your photographs, i always wanted to see how stone age men look like.

I am a sucker for tabs which got us really closer, but i decided to take our relation to the next level when I got a hang of her extensions. I explained them in my earlier entry(which got deleted...), so i'll just enumerate few which i use and are a part of my browsing experience.
  • ForeCastFox- realtime time display of temperature... great here as temp varies from -30 to 0 any time.
  • Google toolbar- for spellcheck and autofill.
  • Google Webaccelerator: great customized caching properties.
  • FoxClock: displays the current time and time in india.
  • LiveLines: directly adds rss feeds of a site to my bloglines.
  • ReminderFox: generic reminder application ... very light and no sheBang.
  • Nightly tester tool: makes all the firefox 1.07 extensions compatible with 1.5
  • Vitamin FoxPose : for tiling tabs... really cool and a must have.
  • SessionSaver2: awesome utility to snapback closed tabs and restore session.
  • GmailSpace: Another kewl widget for providing ftp like interface to ur GmailDrive.
  • for tagging and stuff.... am a freak so use it extensively.
  • BugMeNot: for automagically filling info in form for sites u wont care to visit twice... it fills everything frm passwords to address.
  • Google Safe Browsing: avoid phishing attacks.
I use the IFox theme... its got a mac type look and is vey minimalistic and kewl.

Secondly I read about Singularity OS by Microsoft. It has a new design. I guess its the first OS that was built taking Dependability as its main focus rather than performance (as if windoze performed well... damn me ... am blogging from windoze and bitching abt it). It has just 2% code in trusted C and 1% in assembly, rest is in C#!! no OS that i know of is written in that much abstract language. Really kewl stuff. Check out the videos and see for ur self (u may get them from MS site)