Friday, December 23, 2005


Well my avatar/photo icon should tell you that I am a dexter fan. Infact I can relate to him. I am not saying that I am really geeky like him... just that i terribly suck at anything except computers.
So something that proves that I am pretty bad at it shakes me up. If u r still wondering what i am upto...well i got my grades...and one of then was crappy. I was hoping for a A+ in OS and so in algos...I got an A in OS and a Big B!!! in algorithms....
I kindda got the highest in OS exam but since I had screwed the midterms (by solving the previous years paper... one of the possible mishaps in an open book exam) so i ended up having the second rank in the class.... Life stinks!! I hate when I lose to someone because of my stupidity (well that's why you lose :( )

Algos was a shock to me. I was expecting 45/45 in the exam and all i got was 18. I dunno what went wrong... but i dont think i should have got less marks (given that the prof din cut marks for my ugly handwriting), Will see if he rechecks it or not...I have my fingers crossed but am not hopeful. Pray for me.

BTW i got a raise .....yupeeee..... atleast something to cheer about.

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