Sunday, December 25, 2005

Levels of Insanity

I feel that I have crossed all levels of insanity... lemme expand upon that.

I have been working 40 hrs this week and was really looking forward to the weekend.... well u know people always say "chill out at weekend"... but the notion of *chilling out* is a bit different to me. Well i spend most of my friday night to monday evening watching movies and tv shows... lemme enumerate:whole of friends 2nd season (25 episodes i guess) + season one's last 5 episodes+ 2 movies....I AM INSANE...
well i cant help if I am a movie freak, i dont have a girl friend, have a great internet connectivity and google has all the new movies in google videos. Being an Indian myself, i can say that Indians have no regards for copyright laws. I too think that it is a bunch of crap. Copyright should me more like LGPL licences, u can use it but not make profit out of it.... in any sense. Well its a touchy issue and have recieved flaks from lots of people against piracy....

bottomline is I still have 70GB of new video in my home plus all the new bollywood movies uploaded on google videos... GOD save me

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  1. You are insane...I see what ur lens power ?