Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I M a Monkey Coder

Yup i m a monkey coder..... i have to admit it much to my disgust.

My PM told me to do the designing before the coding, my teachers/proffesors told me exactly the same thing. But no... i was too happy with my coding skills. Damn success is really a lousy teacher... history is a good one. From today onwards i swear to design any program i decide to code.

I lost track of all the data structures i have used. Even an elegant language like java looks crappy...
when u see my code, a perl code will look more readable than mine. God save me...


  1. Hey, its actually good that you have gone through this experience...The first big project I did was in DRDO in my 5 th sem...and then I was too scared, LAZY, to code straight away..Still hadn't got the taste of coding...so only spent all my time architecting things....It was so stupid that eventually we ended up completing the project in mid 7th sem...a balance of both is good which I still dont seem to have....hope you will learn soon...

  2. Gee... i guess i have learnt it... will do that in the next project.