Friday, February 25, 2005

Reinstallation spree.....

Ok so my computer crashed...dont ask how...

I have a meager 13 GB harddisk where i work and i did complete installation oc FC2(i have 512 MB no pig speed)

Yesterday i hit bottom..reached the maximum limit...the X Server failed ...nothing was documented about this and if it is i did not RTFM.

Dejected, and frustated i copied all my data into a collegues PC and tried installing ubuntu.
installation was fast and cool...i thought i had attained panacea.
I fired it and guess what it was a supercool superfast desktop... WITHOUT any programming tool... not even gcc.

Finally i formatted the whole syaytem again and am reloading FC2 with limited functionalities.
I hope i finally do some productive work today.

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