Sunday, February 27, 2005

Google Code Jam..... jammed!!! damned!!!

shit man... how do u feel when u see Rs 3 lac slip outta ur hands.

I enrolled for code jam thing and took the practice ... man it looked like a real piece of cake ... although i just saw the problem( well.. didn't care to work it out there). since i'm more comfy with c++ so i chose c++ as the lang (though .. i did try it in java initially but kinndda not thorough with the libraries).

I took the 400 point problem and there was a question on vector. whole funda was to perform some easy computation and return the output in a crapy format. i thought k.. this is easy will come tomorrow and solve for the real moolah( i.e. today... )

but lookwat happened... i thought the competition closes at 9 pm so went to write the exam on 6 pm.... and guess wat the site is jammed man( Murphy's law: if a thing can go wrong it will go go wrong)....

Guess am destined for the greater good. :-(

added later

Man i really suck!!
managed to connect to code jam applet.... i now realize i shudn't
I really suck ... i thought i was a great programmer since i am programming since more than half of my life(am 22 now)... but after taking this contest i realized that i really suck as a global programmer..( i guess i didn't work for it cuz the progs were silly simple)
I cud only submit the 200 point program and scored a meager now I WILL PROGRAM HARDER AND BETTER.....

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