Thursday, March 03, 2005

Atlast someone read this blog

I must admit that when i sarted blogging i felt that no one wud ever read it... but still i added the link to my signature and just prayed for someone to read and comment on my blog and my photos.

I had lost hope completely but liked the idea of jotting down my experience on the site. Atleast i will have a part of me preserved in this form. It felt like a frozen snapshot of a moment articulated. I posted the links to my groups and spammed my friends to read my blog and comment on it.

Finally my efforts paid of. Mansi, a friend of mine read my blog and has asked me to enable anonymous comments. Of course i'll do that, she's the first person to read my blog (actually second ..rohithv was the first).... In case u r reading this Mansi, thanks.


  1. hi,shilpa here.i took the nerd test i got to tell u that there are spelling mistakes in ur site.

  2. talk about perfectionists

  3. Dont write blog for someone to read. Write it because you want to write. Trying for a shortlived fame through a piece of thought sprayed on the web is very mortal and materialistic. You want to write because you want to voice your opinion. If you really want to have a heavy internetwork then choose lj. :) Just a philosophical suggestion.

  4. well thanks for the suggestion rohit...

    its not about fame ..its about getting heard . Blogging without getting comments is like shouting in the forest without getting heard. I m not materialistic , just want to be heard, and my existance acknowledged..

    Regarding lj.. the internetworking is cool but the ui really sucks...i like the feel of blogspot..