Saturday, March 12, 2005

Scripting is GREAAAAAAAT

so I learned the hard way today that one cannot stay without scripting...
I always used to avoid it for its inefficiency. Whatever be the case I used to parse using C/C++ (my first love)... Now that I was coding in java I thought to use it since it had better constructs than C/C++.

But Rohit, the Linux geek & resident of my neighboring cubicle, kindda motivated me to just give scripting a try... now I was left with the choice of perl or shell....
I had already been pissed of by perl's inadequacy of throwing error messages( or rather my inefficiency to code in it) so I thought to give shell a try....and guess what...IT WAS WONDERFUL

Since the question of inefficiency was overshadowed by the supercool machine I was working on so I used it. I called it from a java program and BINGO.... 1 hour work done in 5 minutes flat.

Will be writing a lot more scripts now .. I guess!!

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  1. One great thing about Unix/Linux is that each entity, as in commands, perform such a specific task. You have to appreciate the modularity in each of them. And more, admire the "|" and the re-directons, which help you leverage the power of these independent commands to work together. Its just amazing what power scripting gives you.