Friday, March 18, 2005


Note: All characters in this story are real and any similarities to the non existent are purely co-incidental :)

I'm one of the few programmers who are crazy about C/C++ and think java is too similar to these languages to be learned in its entirety. I started coding in java an year earlier. I used eclipse IDE and still use it. So yesterday I went to A3 office( for those who don't know what's A3.. its a branch of Aztec.. I work in A2) .. had some thing to integrate some applications using java. I fired up my vi (eclipse wasn't there.. and am ok with vi, use it for c/c++ coding) and started coding.
First thing that happened was I typed something, typed a '.' and waited for the field to autocomplete.... I soon realised what I was doing.. it was hilarious....
Next I compiled my code... and unexpectedly I got a million errors( classpath dependencies...) ..and I was surely not in a mood nor did I have the proper experience to resolve them... Fortunately my PM had an Ant file ready...
The process went smoothly ..but I learnt one thing... LEARN JAVA BEFORE JUMPING TO ECLIPSE or any other IDE.

Now am back at my box.. working on Eclipse...Of course industrial productivity comes before personal learning.... (and eclipse is doing a good job teaching the syntax)

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