Friday, March 18, 2005

Industry experience!!

So here I am, working on a supercool project, but working in the industry in a typical office environment has its own pitfalls although there are innumerable perks.... ( The pitfalls are clearer if u r intelligent, PS:Modesty died the day i was born)

Here's what generally happens: I finish the job assigned to me,quite ahead of the schedule, and ask my PM for more job. It happens so frequently that my PM probably feels that i'm bugging him/her. So i thought why not take it easy and surf the net and give my reports at some intervals( atleast that way i wont feel the guilt over bugging him/her)... so i open my blog or start chatting and someone stops by my cubicle, looks at my computer, and says that i'm more interested in chatting than doing work!!!! I guess i'll take some time to adjust!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good you are working on super cool project. Now that I know of this, I shall talk to Ramesh further now ;)