Thursday, March 31, 2005

KSRTC ...shrewd enough

we (our college mates) were planning to go to goa... so we were deciding whether to book a bus or a train. We checked out and then thought may be we cud find something similar for ksrtc we googled for it.
And guess what ...much to our surprise we found KSRTC site. it was

They have one thing cool in there.....
They didn't care to put the database i guess ;)

but they have all searching facility in place... how?? whenever u check for a schedule u'll be provided with 2 combo boxes. one for the source station and one for the destination station. The problem is that it wont allow u to select anything for the destination combo box and when u click on submit button, the java script pops an error that destination not selected. Well...i guess Indian janta cannot be fooled by gimmicks anymore now( at least in tech savvy bangalore)

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