Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Java Woes...

Well I've been working on java... its not that i hate that language but i do prefer C/C++ over it. What i dislike about java is there are more settings to do than program (dude... am not telling abt hello world programs... but abt the ones we write in a production environment).

I am a bit corky when it comes to name variables and files ( my pm is always upset over it). I read a lot so named my files whose working have resemblance with something i have read.. be it history, biology or any thing existing under the sun. Today my pm told me to rename all the files and make the directory structure proper so that code can be reused even after i leave the firm after two months. Thus began the series of unfortunate events.

I changed everything ... from the names of the files to the directories having them ( changing variable names wud have been a overkill... touchwood my pm didn't ask me to change that). Then came the fun part. The directory structure was severely mutilated, the package structure ruptured and the "ant" file rendered useless. I lost it big time....

He heh... I got conked.. didn't even try repairing the damage done... Simply called my pm to fix it. GOD BLESS MY PM. I seriously hope every pm should be like her. she kindda fixed it, though some errors still remain... i'll be calling her tommorrow to fix it up again. Dont get me wrong... any intervention from my side will only convert the problem from a disaster to a catastrophe.

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