Thursday, May 12, 2005

When the going gets weird.. the weird turns pro

Well Java is not as bad as i had imagined. Its a bliss for lazy programmers.I mean i can use different datatypes, objects within an array, linked list etc.... that makes it really cool.
But then u dont use java to write programs that cud be easily written by C/C++. Java efficiently hides all the trivialities of a programming language leaving one free to implement the business logic. For those of u who thought that coding is the hardest part of development cycle are sadly mistaken. I realized today when i had trouble making the control flow through the logic. Java never stopped me from doing anything. Pointers may not be there.. but i dont see any place where u need them. Some places where i desperately felt the need of pointers, there was always a substitute...a workaround... sometimes more efficient.

C/C++ is still my favourite...may because the programs i coded did not have a complex business logic ( although they had a complex logic... a bit more on the system side).

I am really feeling like a java pro... though all those settings really kill me ... Programming a program meant to be programmed in java, in java is really like solving a jigsaw puzzle. U really burn out the brains doing it... i dont think that one need to be a software proffessional to use it as long as he has the understanding of the system.

Enough back to my programming now


  1. That eacatly what it is. Couple of instances, I have thought of providing solutions to problems which we ask in interviews and I just cannot code in Java. All the phblic static ..all the class declarations....its so much an overhead. Java, as you state, is for implementing business logic and not a fun programming far as I am concerned...hey if u find time...learn python....its a fun prog in it and u can write huge apps with it...This is what I have heard.

  2. i guess so... but i have heard that ruby's better than python.. infact the latest issue of LFy convinced me to go for it.. Ruby was hailed as the only oop lang after smalltalk ... has better features than other scripting languages... what do u say???