Saturday, November 25, 2006

Extreme science? Extreme stupidity?...

This story made it to front page on digg.

The post explains ways of ingesting Methylene Blue in order to turn the color of your urine to blue. Apparently would also changes the color of your feces to green.

I know that imagination and human mind go hand in hand, but paying attention to the color of your wastes and consciously doing something to change it, is weirdest waste of time. Since the story received 850+ diggs, I assume that either I am living under the log for too long and changing the color is the new fad or mankind has entered some sort of reverse evolution cycle and are slowly transforming back to monkeys.


  1. Lol! .. I think its a waste of time to even mention it :)) ... Or if you are validating whether you are in touch with mankind or not, Yes you still are :)) or Do you think if this lunatic article (original post) is a right benchmark to judge how far secluded you have become from normalcy ? :))

  2. haha...
    A bit of both.. By the amount of diggs that article received, I am assuming that it must be interesting to "normal" people.

  3. humm... interesting but funny.. wht ppl r up to !!

  4. JACKASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. me or the guy who did it?