Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sys Admin Woes :(

Well Sys admin is supposed to be *The Geek* in a company. Specially in a non-IT firm, whatever he does is magic... even if he changes permission of a file :P or something seemingly naive for the *CS* guys....

But when you have a geekier employer life becomes difficult. Specially if all the system you maintain are really old ones and the corporate website is maintained by a bash shell!!... no jazzy OO, no hi-fi script... just u, me, html and bash.

So what happens when a poor soul tries to run a jazzy script ?? Chaos....

My experience in Debian here makes me wonder as to why on earth was i using Red Hat/ Fedora!!! I can hereby safely assert that Debian rules... guess why??? simple apt-get and aptitude.... the kewlest tool i've ever seen.

PS: If you think this entry is too cryptic... then it probably is.


  1. Haven't you used yum. It equally cool. I have doen a million upgrade/installtions using yum. It equally cool. However I understand that apt-get has been there for ages now and is a lot more stable than yum.

  2. hehe... i remember doing just one installation with yum. And yes, i checked the conf files... everything was prim and proper. But yum has a knack of behaving wierdly. Maybe my yum configuration is buggy but apt-get is ages ahead of yum.
    Another feature of apt-get is $apt-get -f install
    It upgrades all your libraries, so there is no chance of dependency problem & i really hate when a RPM cries for one of the files.