Friday, September 23, 2005

Bee aS Dee

Want a perfect recipe for spoiling a day..????
Ans: Try installing FreeBSD.

So we have 4.4 BSD for Operating System course and have to do kernel programming on FreeBSD 4.1 because it is somewhat similar to 4.4 BSD. I was a contended soul with WinXP and FC4 dual boot. Life was smooth.... sigh!!!

I partitioned my windows drive using partition magic (Of course NOBODY touches MY LINUX BOX)...
but the damn thing wont recogonize extended partitions and wants to play GOD and partition the whole thing it self. AAArghhh. wasted 12 hrs doing this chasing a wild goose.

Today afternoon thought of vmware. downloaded ver 5.00 ,downloaded the crack and tried to install BSD on it but now the *THING* wants IRQ number of devices!!! sooo shweeet....sooo user friendly.... i almost loved it (pun intended). Took me two damn hrs to figure a way for it to work.

Life is wonderful


  1. dude, if you REALLY want to spoil a day, try installing solaris 10. now I have no experience with BSD, but i can tell you that if sun microsystems ever drops by me for a referal, all they're getting from me is directions to /dev/null
    Arjun Venkatraman

  2. Well I never installed Solaris but have worked on it. Solaris works beautifully on servers. I know machines which are running non stop for last 20 years on solaris. I guess it is ok to have a user unfriendly installer... but FreeBSD is dreaming to replace Linux.
    The BSD evangelists give that object oriented crap(sorry Master :P). Systems like Spring and unininium beat BSD in that ballgame too. Now atleast it should fix its installer if it wants acceptance from casual users who dont give a damn about object orientation.

  3. Wow...that truly sounds like a day filled with fun. :)...So you fixed it finally by entering the IRQ's ...God save you...

  4. Hey sol 10 is easy to install. Atleast on the Dell machines I have got here....Btw wat is that OOP thing doing with an OS setup..?

  5. Actually I did not enter the IRQ manually. The installer sets up all the drivers and wants the user to uninstall the ones which are not required.
    I figured out the devices with conflicting IRQ's eg a network card driver usually conflicts with the PCI card IRQ slot. Did some combinatorics... enough to drive a sane into nuts and got the damn thing working... Anyway am enjoying breaking and hacking it now.

    Currently am implementing my own scheduling algorithm on it.

    OOP thing was referred to in OS architecture not setup :)