Friday, September 09, 2005

Metamorphosis of a Hacker!!!

Before i go any further, I want u all to correct the definition of who a hacker is...(If at all u got it wrong)

Now u guys following my blog (including me... yep i do read my blog as a third person and introspect), would surely have noticed a change in me. And my friends in Bangalore, who have been with me for 4 years have also seen me change in those four years. So i thought a change a change in the blog title will be apt.

When I look back ... i see a totally different person who passed high school, a different person who cleared class 12th, a different one when i became, Sridhar Vishwanathan,B.E. CS and i have really changed a lot in this 1 month in ... Well people here know me as Sridhar.V.Iyer ... I had to do with the Iyer part as my father had put my name as Sridhar Vishwanathan Iyer in my passport and I did not get time to change it. Am now kindda used to it. Some people call me kutti (cuz my yahoo id is sridhar_kutti)... so the nomenclature has changed a lot... BTW my employer in food court calls me Shrek cuz she finds "sridhar" hard to pronounce!!! am cool with it

I really started off as a guy who loved computers and quizzez and stuff like that... but i guess got lost in schooling (as the saying goes...was born ruined me... pun intended :)
Tried hard..really hard for complacent and BAM!!! missed it... i thought i was a living rot... but when i see it now, thats the best thing that happend to me. I got into SJCIT... a non descript college... became topper without much hardwork... did the thing i loved to do most (computer!!!) and became instantly popular... (modesty died the day i was born)

But am that kind of guy who gets itchy when the things go smooth... I left for Syracuse... chasing my destiny... left 5 job offers... could have lived the rest of the life easily... but i crave for something... something beyong destiny, knowledge or power, ... i want to give Microsoft and Google a run for their money. Though I am not a enterpeneur like Bill Gates, nor do i think i am a genius like Linus, Stallings or Larry Page, but i guess i think am hard willed like them.

Am in SU now with lots of Bill Gates/Torvalds and i feel the fear of mediocrity creeping again. Lets see what happens after 2 years. I guess i've been hacking my life a lot. I resolve to SUCCEED.


  1. well buddy u seem to have developed a lot of new frnds out there don't forget d ol' ones nothing new out here bur\t we all do miss u'r witty humour so long
    adois amogo

  2. metamorphosis the next time I see you, you be with wide spread wings, a tail and one centrally placed teeth :)) why this a sudden realization ?

  3. Its just like the scenario when u r going to die... u see your whole life flashing by.

    When u go into an environment where there are lots of guys brainier than u then u feel ur intellect has died and u tend to introspect. The comparision is wierd but it's the best i could come up with.