Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back Home!!

Well today I felt that I was back in bangalore... working with my friends in Aztec. But you might ask why???

Well those of you who do know me ... know that I am a die hard Linux supporter... for me life starts when the computer boots. So I got my laptop... running WinXp and some of the most ridiculous and outrageous softwares of all times that Dell ships with it. My university portal support only Macs and Windows so linux is a big no no.

Finally took the cds from Jorge... partitioned and installed XP and FC4( have to put FreeBSD too). But now i hit bottom again as no support for wireless here. Hours of googling i came to know that i needed to install/make a few file... got something from sourceforge... tried installing it but did not install. Later i discovered that the damn thing was already installed in the machine. Man i was pissed off. But somehow the internet started working using the GUI (some interface... i hate them... looks too normal... i really like if something screws up and i correct it... really hate if something goes on smooth...). Then i had a problem with the sound module too. Usually i used to reinstall the sound module. But Jorge pointed out that even the activation part was hiddden in some kind of wierd Interface.

Gaim was kewl. Yahoo and google talk have no problems. So now my linux machine is fully customized (although the mail client needs to be tweaked a bit)... i was really hit by a bout of nostalgia. So this is my first post from syracuse written on FC4....

But somebody got to spoil this ultraCool interface thing..... Dont u think???? (pun intented)

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