Thursday, September 22, 2005

A full timer Huh :D

Well i'm really elated for two reason...
This is my 51st post. I truly dedicate it to Rohith - The One, :P, who helped me into the wonderful world of blogging.

Secondly I am now a full time system administrator. Yup that means that i can finally get rid of the food court and RSA jobs... Although the pay is the same and probably takes more mental work, but i love this job.
I came here pennyless( OK had my dad's money), was searching for a job, got food court and security jobs instead. I degraded myself every single second i worked in food court and spoilt my body clock working as a security guard from 1am-7am. In about a month I finally found a job ( a full time ) that suits me and i love doing it. I SRIDHAR VISHWANATHAN, :P, MARK THIS DAY AS PICO DAY, THE DAY I BROKE THE BONDAGE OF A JOB WHICH I HATED TO DO AND IN WHICH I SUCKED AT AND MARK IT AS A BEGINNING OF NEW ERA :The PICO ERA...........HURRRRRRRRRAAAH


  1. hey MR. Sys Admin.. can i get ur number.. baby?

  2. sure... 911 :D

    Mail me ;P

  3. Thanks man, for the publicity. But I am really curious to know who it was who made th first comment on this post :). Good job indeed. I would have loved to do it as a part time. Hey this is an oppurtunity to learn perl, python, ruby, and u name other scripting lang.....

  4. Hehe... My best guess is that it would be one of my bangalore friends.

    Girls here dont do things anonymously :P