Friday, September 02, 2005

A Great Day

All right amigos....
Ya I know you guys are wondering why am acting as such a smart a* and using spanish in my recent posts....My project mate is from Costa Rica and I find spanish really interesting.

So i saw a mail in one of my yahoo groups informing that there will be free salsa classes. And of course Indians are known for not missing freebies :)

I was expecting mexican/latino beauties (Salma hayeks and penelope cruzes and the lopezes :)
but I knew that finally i knew that we would be dancing with guys only but still that the thought that i'll be learning something new gave me a kick. It turned out to be better than that. There were few latino girls and they did pair up with us.

The instructor was overwhelmed too. After teaching salsa for an hour he taught us merengue too. Next week he'll be teaching us some advanced steps and might introduce cha cha cha. Overall it was a really satisfying experience.

BTW my tai chi is really improving now. I can walk flawlessly :D.

Earlier that day I got my exemption exam marks. It turned out that I was one of the three guys who passed the test and was allowed to drop the subject. Whew what a relief!! Had taken 4 subjects against my senior and professor advice. Of course I could not drop subjects as there was too much to learn and only 24 hrs in a day. Clearing MBC( MAthematical basis for computing) really made my schedule less hectic. (though its still crammed... thanks to my thirst for learning new stuff... have started playing squash... so have lot on my platter to eat).

After the classes I went to Alex Thevarajan's house for a get together for international students.Alex is really a great guy. He likes to have a multinational family. He has family members from 13 countries. He himself is a Sri Lankan and seemed like the epitome of courage. Brandon stays with him too (i wrote about him in my earlier post). Brandon too is an awesome dude. He has 1 undergrad degree(BS), 3 masters degrees and is doing a Phd along with 2 more undergrad courses... and has also served in the army for 2 years. He is only 26!!! Ask him what he plans to do next and he replies... "I want to do some work for the development of India"... Its hard to find people like him.

Alex had a pool table and a ping pong(table tennis) table in his house. I picked up pool pretty fast. Played 8 ball and lost by a cinch...overall i was quite contented about my performance. Then i played table tennis. I only played it in Aztec and I sucked in it... Shyam, Jeet, Rohith, Asit were far superior players than me... but man outta 46 people present there I was one of the few who could play the game...

Finally after all the escapades I came back home at midnight and started browsing... but had no energy to blog about it. So am blogging about it now. Just came from my on post RSA training ... Its kind of watchman like job where I have to check the Ids of people and log the people entering the dorms.

It was really a fulfilling day. Went to sleep at 4 in the morning... what a great day!!


  1. Hey macchi, I'm not a ping pong pro. I just play for mental satisfaction. Well, thanks anyway for some publicity. I guess I should have been at the end of that list. All the others are seasoned players. I miss our days at Aztec.
    Keep pingponging, every dog has its day...
    Hehehee.... bye

  2. yup... infact i make it a point every saturday... soon i'll give u a run for ur money :P
    But one thing... u surely r busy...i had to dig in my blog to figure out the post to commented on...