Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Trip to seattle- Epilogue

So the results are out... MS rejected me, hence I wont be writing about the interview as I had told earlier in the comments.
Just called the HR today who put a gracious smile and friendly voice to tell me that I was rejected by both the teams. I asked the reason. Her reply : " I cant legally tell you about it but you need to work on your technical skills"

The answer was obviously not satisfactory as there was not a single question I did not answer in the most elegant manner and i certainly did not dress like a hippie... and i guess I have good verbal skills. My best guess is that they did a background check on me and came to know that I was a serial killer and used to eat my victims alive :P

All said and done, atleast I got a paid trip to seattle. Here are the pics...
just the link (wanna make this post look gloomy :): Seattle pics



  1. People are yummy...
    Well, I guess your days of workshiping the devil ended before they started. Eh, it happens.

  2. Good or bad, I am sure the experience would have been enriching either negatively or positively. I hope negatively and you don't try it again :).

    Being a fanatic is something different. I have no doubt that technically you would probably be getting one of the best possible tech jobs in MS. However, will you will at ease in your day-to-day work is the question.