Friday, April 07, 2006

Trip to Seattle- The journey

The trip to seattle was quite eventful.
I felt at home when the flight from syracuse to philly got 1 HR late. The airport was no better than a typical railway station in India. I was supposed to arrive at 7:00 pm in philly and leave for seatlle at about 8:30 pm. But bless those guys, I reached the airport at 8:20 and the other terminal was a mile away.

Just made it to the plane to seatlle and discovered that they were waiting for us... how sweet of them. The captain announced that he was waiting for one more flight to arrive. The people in the plane looked strangely familiar... not to mention that most of them were Indians. To my surprise, Kumar Sanu and Bali Brahmbhatt walked in!! they were with their families and looked in a total mood of vacationing... Ofcourse I did not want to ruin their vacation by asking for autograph and blowing off their cover. They looked more like gunda's (dons...:P) than singers. Glamour has its own pitfalls... phew.

Made it to Seattle and discovered that my luggage was missing. So its 2 am in the morning, I have an interview at 11:30 am and the only thing I have is my laptop. Poked my cab driver to stop on the way to get some formals for the interviews hoping that some nocturnal creature might open the mall in that ungodly hour. Reached the hotel, decided to go shopping in the morning and crashed in the bed. Managed to get a decent set of formals from one of my cousin's friends... thats pure luck. Attended the 7 hour long interview and went straight to the mall to buy some socks, Pjs and undies :P.
3 socks=$8
6 undies= $6
1 Pj=$12
you come back and discover that the luggage has been delivered... priceless. There are something money cant buy...



  1. bring something back frm Seattle for me :P the weather would be a good gift :P

  2. which teams did u interview with?? Do a blog post abt the interview experience

  3. Will write an entry if I get through... the world never listens to loosers.
    I was interviewed by Terminal server and Windows component platform team.