Monday, July 24, 2006

Refurbished blog...

Q1)Why the new template?
  1. I had been monitoring the traffic to my blog via and Google Analytics. Both were showing a rapid decline in the number of people visiting my blog. Interestingly the readers with the resolution of 1024x768 were always loyal to the blog. The blog looked really crappy at 800x600 and on resolutions higher than 1024x768. I was kindda procrastinating a revamp as my laptop does not support resolution more than 1024x768. The background image which was perfect for 1024x768 appeared too big for lower resolutions and too small for higher resolutions.
  2. My dad and my friends had been complaining about slow internet speed in India and that it took ages to load the page.
  3. I realized that the background was sort of freakish. It looked more like a punk anarchist's blog.
The background(and along with it the template) had to go.

Q2) How did it all happen?
Ans) Well I was trying to give my blog a crumpled newspaper look, sporting a highly desaturated, washed away picture of mine. I downloaded a few templates and one of them had a snazzy AJAX menu in it. So I ditched the newspaper look built my template around those menus.. Weird?? I know, but I don't know AJAX/CSS (ofcourse I can read them) so I didn't want to meddle with them.

Q3) What about the head bobbing on the heading?
Ans) Oh that... I asked my roomy to click few pictures with a highly contrast background which I later edited in photoshop.

Q4) what's with the blue? You have it on your webpage too right...?
Ans) I am obsessed with blue color... cant live without it.

Q5) Roadblocks?
Ans) Hell yeah. The only thing I can edit files in, is VI. The editor made it extremely difficult for me to do anything. It doesn't support even the most basic indentation. Tab key doesn't work. To top it all it has a buggy interface. Half of my code just disappeared once. Had to redo the whole thing twice.

Q6) How long did you take?
Ans) Well 1 long sitting...



  1. Hey, I have been following your blog for a while now & the new look "looks" really good

  2. Much btr look!! goes much easier on ur eyes... Do send me a template like this one .... I cud use one for my blog if I happen to write again..

  3. The link to original template is at the bottom of my blog (grrr... due to copyright reasons... on the bright side if u use my modified template u gotta put my name :P)..

  4. copyright!!! anyhoo awesome template....loved this a lot more than the vaguely more ummmmmm sophisticated!!

  5. Really good. Haven't been catching up on blogs for some time now, hence the delay. Its lot more pleasing to the eyes than the one before.