Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another year gone by...

Another year passed by... Am 24 odd years old now. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how I spent my birthday. I had to reply to 150+ emails and orkut scraps who had wished me. All efforts to work today went in vain. So here I am at home.. still checking my mail every ten seconds and pathetically blogging about my birthday. Did not have a party as people had their midterms... generally I gift myself stuffs on such occasions but after searching the web, I couldn't find anything that fits my budget :(

The past year was great... although it could have been better. Since I am expected to be a bit more mature (hehe...lolz), let me plan the next year or set the goals I need to achieve before I turn 25. This is just for me...

  1. Get a Job: I need one... am graduating in May'07
  2. Retain/Increase the level of weirdity in action : I hate mob mentality but I am not a non-conformist. Since my actions are so much different from my peers, some people call me weird... (something like .."He blogged instead of getting wasted" weird).
  3. Shed the movie geek title: I know people who download movies like crazy and I watch movies like crazy. There have been times, when I had seen the same movie thrice... back to back. I know their IMDB rating, RottenTomatoes rating, the wikipedia entry and filmography of the actors. Its an addiction I need to get rid of. I have read less than five novels since I came to the US.
  4. Definitely read more.
  5. Code more.
  6. Maintain my sourceforge projects.
  7. Eat healthy so as to exercise less :P
  8. Get a girlfriend... the possibility is meek, given that I spend 18/24 hours in front of the computer.
  9. Get more gadgets... you can never have enough of those.
  10. Lie without feeling a pang of anger or guilt.
On a totally unrelated note I came third in TopCoder's Collegiate challenge. I got a $50 gift certificate from Best Buy. Unfortunately I did not find anything there that I need for myself or for gifting anyone in India..


  1. a plain lie ...almost no1 has his midterm in syracuse these days ..[:)]

  2. Well.. my roomy's bday is tomorrow so we were planning to give a combined bash... but he and his grp aren't free till 18th..

  3. Thanks... it seems we have quite a lot in common - I too spend a lot of time on the computer... discovering hacks, programming stuff, etc!

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