Friday, October 27, 2006

Ubuntu Edgy Eft and Firefox2

The developer community seem to be on drugs. Last week Ubuntu Edgy Eft, Firefox 2 and Fedora 6 were released. Apple have also given hints of Touch screen iPod and iPhone. Last but not the least Microsoft have released IE7 after 5 years.
Am not an apple user so might not use those products. I am not going to even try getting IE7... i cant browse on anything except firefox. Fedora 6...ummm .. only if I am forced too, not interested, life is too bland without apt-get.

However I did upgrade to Ubuntu Edgy Eft. The user experience in Ubuntu never stops to amaze me. I find it so much easier to use than Windows. If you have ever upgraded Windows, you know the process...
  • Pop in the CD..
  • Navigate through ugly menus, expect the user using Windows to play solitaire to know how to partition, which partition to load on...
  • Take 30-50 minutes to install.
  • Take another 1 hour to install the drivers.
  • Take another few days to get all the applications running.
I was running Ubuntu Dapper before... i just did gksu "update-manager -c" .. This took care of everything. It downloaded all the upgrades, installed it... thats the level of abstraction that creates a cult user following. As an added surprise it upgraded my Firefox (although I was running firefox2 on dapper). The only hitch was the some unwanted services that were running at startup. I killed them using sysv-rc-conf (Fedora users think chkconfig)... I think I am in love with Ubuntu :P

Firefox2 deserves a mention too. It has integrated several function provided earlier by extensions. One of the feature is the snap back tab feature earlier provided by SessionSaver. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T to get back a tab you closed by mistake. I am also a sucker for its inbuilt spell checker. Blogging and writing mails is so much fun now that I don't have to use the bloated spell checking web app.
I know that I am addicted to computers, Linux and internet... but am too smug to care.


  1. yeah i agree mozilla is on marijuana ,dats y dey created such a bugggyyy firefox dis time ...8 hours of using it and i have already end-tasked it 8 times and restarted my system once due to a hang ..and yeah all dis on windows xp prof ...

  2. oh.. I dont find any prob with firefox on winXP prof either. There has been nothing on the user groups too.
    Maybe something wrong with your installation.

  3. oh there have been similar reports on some forums like mozillazine etc but not in a big way ...