Sunday, April 15, 2007

Its alive!!

Remember the good old school/undergrad days.. when you thought you knew everything. No? Well then I guess it was just me. I was as enthused by open source and Linux then, as I am now, but was apparently not a very good programmer(good by the standards of ppl of my age though)... but of course I didn't think so then. I made a Linux Task Manager on the lines of Windows task manager which had a similar interface and used to parse the data from the /proc directory. It was one of the best term projects and I so was excited by it that I went and uploaded it on Sourceforge. Of course I did not maintain it... I was young and brash then :P.

Fast forward four years.. I g0t a mail regarding missing files in that project!! I went and checked the sourceforge page and was shocked to find a 93.1% activity and about 96 downloads!! I downloaded the old tarball and it was missing a few source files... who would want to download such a project?? I found an old CD containing the source codes of my projects.. used qt3to4 to convert the project format and re-uploaded it. Ofcourse, I marked it "ceased development".

I just looked into the source files to see if I could quickly fix some of the stuffs there... There was a bigger surprise waiting for me. I had done implementation in the .h files... used namespace-less header.h files, used fscanfs in C++ code... programmers doing any of the above stuffs should be immediately stopped from using the computer and should be sent to concentration camps and tortured until they start following the guidelines.

There was a time when I would bring the project into any discussion I was involved in... Fortunately there is still time and there is still no such product. I swear to totally change and refactor the code as soon as I get time...

PS: If you are a Qt expert and are free, you can contribute to the project.. wont take long to get it up and running.


  1. Well,,,Srprises r always good n dat ws a really good one...must hv made ur day...:-)