Tuesday, April 24, 2007

India Shines

I am not a conventionally patriotic person, but boy.. this makes me so proud. India plans an unmanned mission to moon next year. There are still debates if there'll me a manned mission by 2015 or not. Well, India is still a third world country and putting a man on then moon makes little sense when people are living in abject poverty and corruption is rampant.

But the commercial aspect of it is interesting. India launched the Italian satellite for just $11M, whereas the cost of doing so elsewhere is between $50M to $200M. Not only is India helping other countries set up their own infrastructure in a cost effective way, its furthering its own knowledge and, am sure getting rich in the process. The market of space tourism is just heating up. It costs about $20M to spend some weeks in space.. just imagine the rush if India started offering it for $1M.. maybe less. I am sure there'll be year long waiting list to get on that ride. I am pretty sure that our scientist President and PhD Prime Minister had something to do with it... not that they are going to admit it(they are really modest).

Lets see how India is able to use this market to its advantage..

Update: Broadband to me made free in India!! Holy s**t.


  1. Thats really a paradox...we r thinking abt missions in space...bt ppl still dont have enough to eat...

  2. well.. we are thinking abt space missions to fill those stomachs.. i do not support the idea of cutting the intellectual freedom any cost. A better infrastructure has better effects than cutting costs.