Wednesday, June 20, 2007

American Television...

After 6 years of spartan college life, I finally have a television set in my room. Now torrents and few online video websites are all that I need to cure my video itch, but I decided to give this hassle free medium a shot. I have been watching television for about 20 days now and I get about 75 channel. Here's my analysis:
  • 25% of the channels are in languages that I don't understand.
  • There is a 99.9% probability that Discovery channel will show either the Mythbusters  or Man Vs Wild
  • FOX and TBS will only show reruns of popular old sitcoms.
  • Rest of the channels will air some sort reality shows.
What irritates me the most is the sheer volume of Apprentice type shows. In the past 3 weeks I have seen numerous shows; 3 of them with cooking theme (Hell's kitchen, Top Chef and some stuff on the Food channel), one to select a hair dresser (Sheer genius), one with movie direction as a theme (the contestants make their own short movies), yet another one shows a contest between two set of ladies in their 20s and 40s to win a guy in his 30s.. the list is endless. Another show (America's got talent) takes stupidity to a whole new level by allowing the contestants to do anything they like.. how one can compare a song, a dance and a standup is beyond me.. they lie on a argand plane, they are too complex disciplines to be compared. Just today on the same show, an old lady in her 80s sang a classical song and a guy from Pakistan danced to bollywood tunes.. how do you compare them??

And what's with the advertisements!! they are almost as long as the show itself and the amount of bullshit in the ads needs another blog entry altogether. Hybrids are shown as if they are going to solve all the world's pollution problem in a jiffy.. no mention of the pollution caused by the manufacture and disposal of the Li-ion batteries, has its own stupid "The Algorithm" advertisement... let the app speak for itself, Home Depot encouraging minors to gift their dads on father's day!! take a look at their inventory. How is a 10 year old supposed to get money to buy his dad a GPS device or a gift card to buy it??

For the past six years, I have been watching pure, unadulterated, pirated video.. I guess this is the reason why most people pirate media even after being able to afford it. I hope the Cable TV folks learn their lessons fast, the end user now is not as stupid as he used to be...


  1. "pure, unadulterated, pirated video" , thats like justifying the need for a prostitute coz the sex comes without any emotional hassles ...

  2. @shantanu: I have my own perception of good and bad. If you think that sleeping with a prostitute incurs the same decay in moral fiber as downloading a video, you need help.

  3. Hmmmm...i m sure someday all ur agonies would hopeful! tk cr

  4. IMHO piracy is even worse than prostituion.. its like getting hardened in sin, and it doesnt incur any decay in moral fiber but it shows that there is no character left in the soul specially when it comes from a computer science guy ...

  5. @shantanu: So given a choice, you would rather be a gigolo rather than a pirate :P.. suit yourself..peace out dude. please send your off-topic (main topic is television) flames on the IM if you feel that strongly about something.