Friday, June 08, 2007

My way of saying "I Hate You"

I never intended this blog to be too public. Just known amongst the inner circle.. seemed like a good way for people to know me. The problem arose when I didn't want people I know to know me.
I hate when people read this blog and evaluate me after reading just a single entry. I never had to slander anyone till now but the realization that I can't do it on my blog robs away my sense of independence and freedom.

For the past few days, I have been mulling over this problem. I was consciously trying to avoid posts that will hurt certain segments of the society or adversely effect me. It's certainly may be categorized as "unethical". But I guess it's wise to not say anything rather than let the world know what/who you hate. So folks if you think that I should be writing about something and am not.. then in all probability I am not fond of it.(to put it mildly)... and yeah.. I have another blog which I use to vent out my frustration.. something like going into the woods and shouting out loud.

Can you hear the screaming silence??


  1. assuming you are talking abt what we were talking abt yesterday; that was not that bad.. but I hated the situation nevertheless.

  2. This looks like a psyco's post :) lol

  3. But we are all to some extent or the other , isn't it

  4. "This looks like a psyco's post"
    -in a way it is.. :-|

  5. Yeah...dat seems so be direct from ur heart..dere r times wen u write only for urself...and actually to let it all out...its only for ones own self to hear...i do it i use d drafts instead of another blog....Cheer up...

  6. the world loves hate huhhh ..6(+1 now
    ) comments for a hate related post and 2 for nostalgia ...strange ..