Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vim-blogger and Markdown

This guy blogged about posting blogs from emacs, and for reason unknown to me it stirred my old itch to post blogs within the VI editor... with complete support for different teeny nifty features that I have built into my template over the years, without using html(that just breaks the thought process and I can never get it just right). I also needed the dynamic spell check support in firefox2 that I've gotten so used to.
A bit of googling revealed that there was already a vim-blogger plugin!! Some guy known as The Geek Wannabe already had everything in place. The only thing I had to do was follow the steps. The guy did it using GData API. Markdown was included in it, which mean that I can do all the occasional formatting like this code:

int main()
std::cout<<"Hello World\n";

without sweating about replacing the < like signs with & lt; or adding quoted text like this:

Yeehaw.. I am in quotes.

Adding spell check support was a simple matter of invoking :setlocal spell spelllang=en_us.
This post is written and posted completely within *vim* all the emac guys out there.. up yours :P. Geek Wannabe, you should run for President's position.

PS: Ah.. bit of rough around the edges indeed.. but all for vim-love.


  1. Oh ya. I have seen this a long ago for LJ. LJ folks had announced Vim an officially supported LJ client. But for blogspot, I never bothered to find out much as I almost stopped posting on it.

    But just today, when I casually revisited, there are whole bunch of revamps. I don't know if it also has the cribs you had once listed but a really good revamp to improve a blog posting session.

  2. How do I add a trackback to this post ?

  3. @Bandan: Well blogger does not have trackback.. but have a similar concept called backlink. My templates does not show the backlinks on the item page as blogger does not supply me with some variables I need to customize it :(..

    I do have a crude technorati backlink tracker within the Tracker menu on the main page which shows all the pages linking to my blog. You dont have to do anything from your end I guess..