Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer .... vacation?

After a lot of wading through the uncharted waters, I gave up all hopes and attempts to get an internship. I had applied to just a handful of companies... mainly the IBMs, MSs, Intels... you get the idea. Something in me hates C#/ Java jobs and I have no idea what, but it costed me $$$$$.

So here I am in Syracuse, without an internship. You would be wondering what would I possibly do in a deserted city for 3 damn months. I asked myself the same question over and over and over... well its technically summer "vacation", what better than lazing around?? This is where my masochistic self kicked in.

In a nutshell I am working more than 40hrs/week on cognitive Science (what I did earlier)... Now technically I am allowed to work only for 40 hrs but my pay will be hiked accordingly to keep the time sheet to a clean 40 hrs whilst \me getting paid for the extra hours.
Secondly I am taking a course (Financial Applications in Neural Network)... well again its illegal to take a course whilst working 40 hrs... so I didn't register for the course. Just sitting through it... probably will take it as an independent study.
Next there was a really interesting project going on under Dr Du where we have to setup a wireless sensor network using crossbow motes. And ofcourse, how could I not do something that kewl.
And wait there is more... I have finally started gymming.

I told you 100 hours/week worth of stuff I'll be doing this summer. And don't worry I will keep on blogging... will just subtract a few hours from my sleeping time.

Some vacation eh!


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