Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Calculator...

WARNING: For geeks only...

I was toying with the idea of a command line calculator for a long time. Windows does not have one and Linux/*nix has the powerful but ancient bc. So I came up with this nifty perl script which is totally platform agnostic and does command line computations wonderfully... I present you the Gcomp (google computer.. right click and save link).

The kewl thing is that it does all the processing at the google servers and displays you the parsed output. You cant search using it but you can give it any query that google calculater can take (such as 12 cm in feet or 1 USD in INR, sqrt(-4) etc)... the possibilities are endless. Now since this is my first perl program (apart from the other 5 liners I cut paste from the websites)... please dont flame me, any suggestions would highly be appreciated.

I am planning to write a yahoo widget on top of it, but I am not sure when.

It is a pretty simple program. Google has blocked anonymous requests so I masqueraded as a mozilla browser and got the requested queries answered. Next I just parsed the data recieved and displayed it... simple enough. Type $gcomp usage for input formats. And yeah, it is GPLed.



  1. hSeems like you removed the link!! Perl comes handy..when you need to try out these things. Buddy nice ideas you got!!

  2. Fixed it neo...
    I had forgotten to give the read permissions :P