Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Cell

After a lot of brainwashing done by my friends, I got a mobile phone. I had one in India and hated my dependence on the hardware. I mean I have enough dependencies... E.g. glasses, computer... and now a cell phone. I felt lost if I didn't feel the weight of cell phone in my pocket... well I was avoiding that but now I got a cell..... finally.

Its a Nokia 6682... one of the latest cellphones in the Nokia S60 series and another gadget in my arsenal :P. It is a powerpacked baby and is only a stylus away from being called a PDA. The usability features are awesome and are totally "Nokia like". Only a software guy can appreciate the effort that would have gone into all the abstraction provided to an innocent looking piece of hardware capable of detonating a WMD.

I did a night out to study its intricate features. Here are the finer points I discovered... you wont find few of them on the features page...
  • Have light sensors that automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen to give you the best display.
  • Need just one hand to operate... This is a big issue. Unlike other flip phones, you don't need both the hands to operate.
  • The strange looking keyboard is totally ergonomical. All the keys are seemingly equidistant from the thumb and can be easily reached without strain (a big relief for SMS junkies like me... I have ended up with swollen thumbs numerous times).
  • Special button for accepting voice command and switching to handsfree mode.
  • 1.3 mp camera with flash.... how kewl is that!!!
Some other power features that I have grown to love:
  • Side slot to put extra memory card... now no more removing the battery and putting the card exercise.
  • Bluetooth rocks... just downloaded a cracked version of Salling Clicker. Trashed the windows bluetooth stack for the Widcomm stack and now the setup kicks ass. I can use it as a remote control to control my computer(Interestingly came across a rant by a Windows developer complaining that Widcomm is not open source :P). Will be experimenting with ubuntu soon.
  • Has an inbuilt modem that I can use to connect to internet ( with the crazy price... i doubt I'll use it in the US... in India it'll save the day).
Just downloaded the Symbian theme studio... hopefully i'll get some time to play with it.


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  1. Nokia software is really user friendly. But i miss lots of short cuts which exist in sony erricson.