Monday, August 29, 2005

Niagra Impresionante

Went to Niagra this saturday.... Man it was great.

Uploaded a few fotos in flickr ..just click the above picture to see all of them...
Niagra was really a spectacle. The whole environment was so wonderful. Apart from savouring the sheer beauty and vastness of mother nature I made some great friends. One of them is Brandon. If I write anything about him now it wouldn't be fair... i will dedicate one whole entry to him... we discussed lot of theology and philosophy.

Another good friend i made was Yi (though we became friends before this trip...met him at the dean's reception). He is another great guy doing his Phd in electronics. He is teaching me Tai Chi :)

The cultural diversity here is great. I am starting to love Syracuse.


  1. Good to c ur fotos pal. Do post comments on my blog too. Write about the weather n places of interest around ur place of stay. Alright yaar, c ya...

  2. yup i did post a few comments but most of ur enteries are photo blogs.... what do u want me to say ... they were great but there's too less to comment on...

  3. great snaps dude.... by the way i thought ur roomie was a guy from med elec..msrit... did u bump into that mech guy yet or would u rather take in the cultural diversity? :) anyways...take care dude... and hows it like being vegetarian there? he he he...

  4. No dude u r right... 4 of us share a 3 bedroom apartment so that msrit guy is also living with me. Yup i did bump into Ram...
    What's Vegetarian??? sounds familiar :D

  5. Oh.. sounds like u started eating non-veg :) so wat did ya start with??.. beef, lamb, pork or just chicken :)

  6. almost everything u wrote here plus bit more ... it was unintentional and i did not have a clue what i was having...

    Technically am still a veggie as i dont really prefre non veg