Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sloppy Sundays!!

So here i am this is me... ya ya am givin u another crap from Bryan Adam's ( the song is not crap though)

well the US surely is a stickler for rules and most of my time has in Syracuse has gone completing the formalities... but like India weekends are free :)

I was looking forward to salsa classes on saturdays only to realise that the only thing that was going on was Indian dance and Cricket/badminton. I kindda dont like both of them. The pesumed classes were scheduled at midnight so i slept while waiting... woke my self together ..walked around 3 miles to the spot only to realise that i had made a total fool outta myself. now i came back and slept ... i was really lookin forward to a Great Sunday (sundae wud have been cool)

I got up at around 0630 hrs... finished my breakfast by 0730 and started watchng a movie... the movie finished and i started watching friends ... by the time i got bored watching them i realised it was already 1820 and my whole sunday was ruined....

I thot i will share this with u and go and take bath... I SUCK


  1. haha.. wats dis sridhar? I thought u've started the $5 business.. n really enjoyin ur weekends =) Anyways ders always a nxt time.. n u got lots of time to explore stuffs ;) do put ur snaps soon.
    Take Care

  2. hey human rights dictate that the hourly wage be $7/hr

    so there u go...

  3. Kyon be, gadhe? Mere blog se Bryan Adams' ka quote churathaa kya?

  4. Whoa dont sue me for plagiarism... and i guess next u'll be accusing me of using articles, nouns, pronouns in my blogs cuz u used them!!!