Tuesday, August 09, 2005

finalmente en Syracuse

u guys r wondering wat language is the Title in???
Its spanish, meaning "finally in Syracuse".... nah havent been learning spanish..just added from google language for the effect. :D

so am finally in syracuse. The city although a popular city in US is devoid of any crowd. I mean we went to the nearby cofee shop to see find some people... the only things u see here are cars and buildings. Thot i'll just have a coffee ($1.5) :( ... i got it without sugar or milk... after putting some 6 packets it still wasnt sweet enough (i mean the desi flavour...) . The crowd is really friendly. People just say "Hi" or "Whats up" or just wink at u or give a welcoming smile whenever they see u (Strangely working Indians are too bored to accept that they r Indians). know what happened in Syracuse airport!!! the trolley vending machine needed credit card to operate so i asked a resident accept $2 from me and lemme use his credit card. He got me a trolley but refused to accept the cash, no matter how hard i tried. When i pressed him a bit he told me to keep it as a christmas gift... i am really bowled over by their hospitality.

The scene in my college regarding Open Source technology is really dismal. Well since i dont wanna be a lab rat so i didn't choose a college that was givin me AI/NN or any supposedly high fundoo topic. But people here dont relly give a damn to linux... my wud be prof worked for 16 years with Microsoft and ofcourse Microsoft technologies dominate the scene here. People arent really enthusiastic abt anythin here...
I guess where other people search oppotunities..I create them... planning to start a LUG here... wish me best of luck with my linux aspirations.

Have to search for an accomodation.

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  1. Hi dude,
    U rock.. go on start the LUG bring them to Bang. Hope u find geeks like. Hope u find ur habitat ASAP.. with cool cheeks :). Take care.. see ya