Monday, July 25, 2005

All sad that ends well....Part 2

Well today's my last day at Aztec.

I believe in the philosophy that To be smart, be with smart people.... this place is an overflowing cornucopia of geeks and ultrasmart people. Every single day in Aztec had been enjoyable (except the weekends). Learnt loads of stuff...
But now the time has come to move on....

I'll never forget Aztec for what it gave me... the experince was exhilerating... Now am going to name a few people who made Aztec a haven for my ficle, finicky soul.

Ramesh Sir: If you are a fan of Hermione Granger then you will surely like Ramesh S. There wasnt a topic under the sun that he didn't know about. Not a single technology or a peice of code that he has not worked on. He is a know it all... He is the greatest geek i've ever known( then R & D head is supposed to be :))
I really look up to him for everything... where ever i go, i will take the values he taught me. Sir u r the greatest.

Jyothi Ma'am: Well she was my first PM. She was surely what i call KEWL... She is the first lady who had the professional air around her in a no non sense way. And she was the first ( and till now only female) who knows loads more about computers than playing solitaire. She really helped me climbed the enoromous learning curve. Ma'am I'm really greatful to you.

Abhai Sir: Another cool guy from Kanpur :). What really shocked me is his carrer graph and the way he lead his life according to his own condition. I can really write loads about him.. but i guess that's personal. Hats off to u sir.

Rohit : Well when i joined Aztec he was the subject of all the talks... people used to look upon him as a God of Linux ( spiced it a bit Rohit ;)) . So since we shared a common passion towards Linux friendship was inevitable. We walked me through various technologies like blogging, rss, ajax, bloglines, delicious etc. He made my stay in Aztec really worthwhile. Cheerz to him.


  1. I being a project trainee my self in Aztec never relished a company such as yours. It was great working with you man. Have a happy life ahead. Keep Aztec open once you finish your M.Tech or Phd.

  2. well thanks...
    Even if i'm not in Aztec ... Aztec will always be there in me.

  3. Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan7/30/2005 5:31 AM

    Your last post, is the best compliment for Aztec. IMHO, a great company is not the one which employs you - but the one which engages you, despite formal (lack of) affiliations/associations you may have with it.

    I am not a big Harry Potter buff myself, so you have now given me one arduous new task - find out the relationship that makes
    HER (and) ME, ONE :-)

    Dont get too worried, my wife will understand :))

  4. well sir...i guess the character of dumbledore suits u better :)