Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Too Much....

We r going at break neck speed towards a so called technological utopia. But I have started to feel everything is meaningless and crappy.
Somehow we are just finding new problems to solve without solving the existing ones. I recently ran into a highly placed software professional who explained me how the whole process worked. Here is what he said :
"We are a service based company... We r paid to maintain a code somebody else has written... We debug the errors but in the process introduce new errors.... then somebody else comes to do the maintenance job... this is philanthropy...we r generating jobs for the unemployed" ...of course he was joking. But consider the statement on its face value.

In computer terminology we r doing too much of throw away prototyping but are too happy with our creation that we keep it as an application. We spent hours or probably days writing the killer App, only to later realize that nobody needs it. That sixth sense to detect a non sense should be there in a software engineer. For eg. If your PM says that the code u wrote is not of much use... What he actually means is that the code you wrote is completely crap..Throw the damn thing away and produce something better. As programmers we all have some kindda emotional attatchment with our application, but HEY!!! Will it do good to anybody. The answer is probably no...(well it would be prudent to open source such code...some one might use it)

The afore mentioned syndrome is not only true for individual programmers but also software biggies like google. On the 37th anniversary of the first lunar landing they have released the google Moon Map. Great thing dude!! But get real ...who will check the map of moon (for the next 50 years atleast) ?? it would be great if they would have added Indian map or any other country's on earth, atleast it can be used by somebody.

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