Thursday, July 07, 2005

Google calculator

Google guys are really a bunch of supermen when it comes to innnovation and intellect.
Google has introduced currency conversion in their calc module. For those who dont know about it give a mathematical expression where u give a search string and search for it. It will actually give u the result.

Now type the following string "100 USD in INR" .... and BINGO!!! u'll get the perfect conversion according to current exchange rates. Try it out with other currency codes like GBP ( great britain pound i guess) etc. I am really starting to love google( no man i was already in love with it for its searching capabilities.... in that case i'm loving it more :-) )


  1. Same here for a long time now man. Have you come across It looks like they want to become the first face of www. Everyone who want to approach any data on the Internet will probably approach it through google. See for eg: personalized search. It memorizes you search link over a persiod of time. Though it would be a 2 step process to approach the data you are seeking for on the net, still google makes it pleasure.

  2. yup..saw it...
    and know am now a regular user of search history...
    It actually caches the sites the first time so when u click on the history link.the site opens much faster....

    It is really cool..