Friday, July 15, 2005

Tech rocks..

Well am once again overwhelmed by the how pervasive technology is becoming in our life. Some of the latest inventions have made me nostalgic... well am just 22.5 but still i worked on pc's during the era when having a PC XT/AT was considered a luxury, when you had to put 750 kb/1.2 kb floppy into the floppy drive, turn the knob ...start the pc and wait for MSDOS to load. Stinking rich people wud have 2 drives to copy one floppy into another...
Forget past..the future is bright.
I was browsing through some etch news ..came across the following stuffs:

3D viewing LCD
a new planet
Google Videos

I wont say anything about them...only one thing.If u have not checked these links u r not a techie, and u r definitely missing something

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