Monday, July 25, 2005

All sad that ends well....Part 1

Well like all good things in life college life ended (B.E... although it will start soon but still...)
College was cool enough... despite S.J.C.I.T being a non descript college, not so hyped up as RV or PESIT, we learned loads of stuff... Forget technology.. we learned the value of friendship, relations and blah..blahh..
Well not to be boasting or anything.. i got the gold medal for topping in college :)
Am not a great book worm... but still i guess just knew how to play within the rules.
Well i got a new philosophy of life...Aim for things larger than life and you will get something which is 60% is what you wanted but is still good enough.

I always aimed for 95% + in first two years but always got app 85%. Then i aimed for a VTU rank.... way to much of a hope but still ended up topping the college.

Gee... I'm not complaining :-)

I hope I remain the same and do the same thing in Syracuse Univ... where i'll be going this fall.

Pray for me guys!!

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  1. Sure shall pray man. I know you will do good there. Have a vision and try to achieve with passion. All the best in all your future endeavors.